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WooCoomerce Product Filter


Advanced WordPress Filter Plugin for posts, WooCommerce products and custom posts. Filter posts by categories, taxonomies and by custom fields. Filter WooCommerce Products by price, availability, attributes and many more. Create an ajax search field that displays results in real time with no page reloads!

High Performance Speed

LSCF runs only 1 database query for filtering or displaying its custom fields.

Fully WooCommerce Compatible

LSCF works very well with all type of WooCommerce products.

Instant Search

A modern and very fast search. Performs much better than any Ajax search.

Hierarchically Taxonomies Filtering

Displays the filters in a hierarchy order. Each subcategory item is displayed only when the parent item is selected. Unlimited levels of deep.

Independent Searches & Filters

Display a search form via shortcode in any WordPress page.

URL Filter Parameters

Push active filters into a URL. This feature will allow your users to share the filtered results as a link.

Filter By Icons/Images

Filter your WooCommerce products or WordPress posts by images or icons.

Slider/Range Filtering

A slider/range field for any LSCF custom field or WooCommerce price & stock quantity.

Date Interval Filtering

Filter products or posts between 2 dates.

Build Custom Fields

Create custom fields for your WooCommerce products or WordPress posts.

Powerful Shortcodes

A very flexible & easy way to display LSCF custom fields via shortcodes. No coding skills required.

Sorting The Results

Option for your users to sort the results by any LSCF custom field, WooComerce price, title, date.

Default Ordering

An option to display your WooCommerce products or posts in a default order ( ASC | DESC ) : Title, Date, Post ID, Menu Order, WC Product Price, any LSCF Custom Field.

Multiple Types Of Filters

Choose from multiple filter types: sliders, date, picker, dropdowns, checkboxes, radio buttons, icon with text, icon only.

Predefined Grid Templates

A list of modern templates to display your products or regular posts.

Live Editor + Drag&Drop

A lot of powerful options to customize your filters and grid style.

Custom Posts

Easily create custom posts and custom categories with LSCF plugin.

Custom Template

Easy to create new custom grid template to match your theme design. Only HTML & CSS customization required.

Infinite Scrolling

Load more results on the same page. No page refresh, fast and better user experience.

Import/Export Custom Fields & Custom Posts

Import/Export custom fields and custom posts between your websites (ie. staging and live).

LSCF in Action

We created few demos for the showcase, but sky is the limit. You can use it for any kind of website. Simple, clean and minimalist design will help to focus on the product.

Multiple templates & layouts

LSCF comes with 6 predefined templates: Grid, Accordion, Portrait, Overlay grid, Minimalist grid, WooCommerce grid. Customize the layout from LSCF Live Customizer and choose the number of columns, grid type, sidebar position etc.


No Support
Less Updates
Limited Features



Premium Support
Regular Updates
15 days money back guarantee


15 days money back guarantee!

Easy to customize, clean design, high-performance speed, fully compatible - LSCF is the best plugin to build WordPress or WooCommerce filters.